Combat Operatives & Youngblood Scouts

A group of Airsoft enthusiasts from all walks of life based here in Iligan City.

C.O.Y.S. view the sport of airsoft as an opportunity to teach young men and women the value of teamwork and discipline. Channels the young and restless energies of the youth into something meaningful and worthwhile.

C.O.Y.S. provide members lessons in organizing and strategizing, and also inculcate in them an appreciation for selfless service through outreach programs, tree plantings and other civic activity involvement.

The C.O.Y.S. was founded in March 2008. It’s headquarters is located in Iligan City, but it maintains its gamesite in neighboring Initao town.

The C.O.Y.S. was originally intended only for members of IDS batch 1993 but has grown to include relatives and friends.

At present, it has 30 plus members who are all professionals, except for a couple who are still in school. There are many members of the C.O.Y.S. who are registered nurses.

The C.O.Y.S. is still a young airsoft team, but has demonstrated thru a short period of time that dedication and the right attitude help tremendously in a team’s growth.

To date, the C.O.Y.S. has won the championship in Archangel 2009 (Iligan City); garnered 1st Runner-up spot in Archangel 2010 (Iligan City); 2nd Runner-up in Encuentro del Rio (WarHeads Tournament in CdO 2009); and 2nd Runner-up in OP: Fellowmen (Daltans Tournament in Iligan 2011).

It was founded by Merril Sajonia, a local businessman, who serves as its current President.

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    another nice article..a good reference for those airsoft enthusiast who wanted their team to be featured

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    a model.

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    nice website kuy! more power! 😀

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    cool outgoing young studs

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